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Gamified incentives can create long reaching impact on business performance metrics. From cost and time saving indicators to performance indicators, unravel a few of the key success metrics with gamification.

1. Accelerate Business KPIs Upto ~40%

Increasing productivity is a science and it generally engages multiple and 'complex to control' parameters . Compass with its amazing features like Performance Scorecards, Leaderboards, Earning Opportunities, Gamified Nudges, Game Templates, One-Click Payments, Widgets and Predictions self-motivates the participants to perform better - thus accelerating business KPIs.

Accelerate Business KPIs

2. Payout Savings Upto ~15%

Incentives are currently processed manually and paid at the end of the month/quarter - all at once. Compass enables participants to redeem earned-incentives as per their convenience. This lets you save on the rewards that go unredeemed, stagger the payments over a time, zero out errors in calculations and save on reward budgets by enabling non-cash incentives. Simply put, Compass helping you save cash of upto 15% of your incentive payouts.

Payout Savings Upto

3. Reduce Processing Time Upto ~95%

Integrate compass with your data-sources via webhooks, APIs, SDKs or google drive and let Compass cast its magic with your data. The product consumes your raw-data and allows you to define variables and its nomenclature, incentive schemes and live scorecards. It makes you immune to any kind of data collection, processing and calculation complexities.

Reduce Processing Time

4. Reduce Auditing Time Upto ~90%

Processing of incentives consumes considerable bandwidth of sales team, leadership team, MIS teams and finance teams. Compass, once integrated with your enterprise systems, allows all the stakeholders to be on the same page with the central audit trail. Every disbursal line item is available for the teams to audit, analyse, over-ride and release payouts.

Reduce Auditing Time

5. Increase Performance Predictability Upto ~50%

AI based algorithm of Compass learns the capabilities of the participants from the past incentive schemes  run on it. The product learns from the campaign data and shows the appetite of the participants to perform as per targets. It captures the achievement mix, seasonality of achievements, incentives earned and many more. This helps to make your achievement-games smarter and more predictable.

Increase Performance Predictability

Xoxoday Compass is trusted by 100's of companies from startups to fortune 500. The software helps you save up to ~15% on the budgeted incentive payout, accelerate business KPIs up to ~40%, and reduces the operating and auditing efforts by ~90%.

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