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Gamification provides participants a ground to play, perform, and cherish the achievements. Business KPIs become goals and interactive UX becomes a path to achieve them. Inspire participants to do more every day with Gamification.

1. Performance Scorecards On Mobile App & TVs

Celebrate wins, big and small, with live scorecards and public recognition. Ramp up visibility, engagement and recognition with performance scorecards that can be projected on participant's mobile app and as dashboards on TV displays.

Compass Performance scorecards

2. Leaderboards To Move-Ahead Of Winners

Create a healthy sense of competition amongst the participants by tracking individual and team progress in an exciting visual format. Our sports-style leaderboards make it easy for participants to see at a glance where they stand, and what they need to do to win.

Compass leaderboards

3. Complete Milestones & Collect Badges

Big goals broken into smaller milestones makes them easier to achieve. Incentivise participants to push themselves harder to bag the milestone  achievements. Configure badges, certificates, emojis and more to celebrate these small accomplishments.

Compass milestone

4. Game Templates To Make Achievement Fun

Setup challenges and missions using game templates to reinforce healthy competition. Some of the games available in Compass are milestones, races, counters, and Bingo.

Compass game templates

5. Gamified Nudges & Notifications

Provide real time contextual notifications and nudges to participants. These could be personalised triggers on the basis of achievements, or notifications of company announcements, new game launches, target revisions or group messages.

Compass nudges

6. Simulators To Earn More

Allow participants to measure what matters with our earning simulator. Help them plan their incentives and associated goals instantly with real-time data.

Compass simulator

7. Earning History & Opportunities

Create an earning and achievement-centric environment by showing earning trends, opportunities, and more. Our performance dashboards turn your raw achievements data into actionable performance insights to help push participants  do more.

Compass History & opportunities dashboard

Our AI-based algorithm learns from past data and shares insights for performance and earning improvements that can help you can make smart, strategic decisions and execute on performance improvement.

Compass trends & predictions
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