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We understand the challenges of rolling out a new enterprise software across your company, training your managers to use it seamlessly, and then ensuring successful adoption across the board.  

Our team has put together an exhaustive set of documents, resources, and assets that can make this transition smoother and far more efficient for you. These will be shared as emails starting 2 weeks before go-live, through to 360 days.

For the purpose of this document, it is important to note that the “user” is the Program Admin alone. These assets will be shared via email by the Xoxoday Compass team to the Program Admin of the organization. Dissemination of the information is, however, left to the discretion of the Program Admin.

Collaterals calendar for your success

We have compiled assets into 4 major parts. You can use the same and engage your users:

1. Launch Collaterals

Everything you would need before D-Day - a walkthrough of the Xoxoday Compass web and mobile app, an indicative implementation timeline, launch assets and Train the Trainer (TTT) assets.

2. Adoption Collaterals

Tricks, hacks, and suggestions (with relevant screenshots and attachments) to make the most of the Xoxoday Compass app.

3. Product Updates & Feature Releases

Get a monthly update on the latest product releases and features.

4. Best Practices

Critical toolsets for seamless implementation, tracking success metrics, and sustaining adoption momentum.

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