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The insurance company, as a practice, awards non-cash incentives (via sales contests) to insurance advisors while achieving their targets/sales quota.

Before the Implementation of Xoxoday Compass

The company procured gift cards like Amazon, Flipkart, Tanishq, MakeMytrip, Airbnb, etc in advance. The discounted value of each gift card is different and the average discount value for the brands calculated is 6.5% (on purchased values). Below is the calculation of the Gift card purchase. The frequency of purchase has been mostly monthly.

Now (After the Implementation of Xoxoday Compass)

The company enabled one-click payments via Mobile App for all users. The users could now go to the app and select the gift card from Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, etc., of their choice and at the time of convenience. Below are the calculated values of the payments made.

Net Savings

The company's business grew by ~28% compared to the last half-year and the net incentive payout is assumed to grow at 57% of the business growth value (i.e.16% in this case). Below are the approximate calculated values.


1. Direct net savings of ~6.5% via enabling one-click payments.

2. Additional savings of up to ~3.4% i.e., 0.82 lacs (INR) in case users do not redeem the balance points.

3. The users are more motivated and empowered when given an opportunity to choose reward gift cards.

4. It is assumed that a timely payout has helped the company to increase its revenue significantly.

*Please note that there are a few assumptions considered while calculating (after a brief discussion with the customer), like payout to business growth ratio, aggregate previous discounts on gift cards, etc.

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