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Sales leaders love Close for how the CRM is intuitive and, in a way, custom-crafted for that sales singularity - closures. Compass magnifies this focus of Close users by making incentive contest creation and automation a process that takes just a few minutes. In a world where incentives are inseparable from sale success - this integration conserves many valuable hours from a Sales leader’s workday.

The program admin can directly get a data dump onto Compass from the Close CRM on-premise and get straight onto Program Creation, focusing on incentivizing and motivating his sales teams. The Compass team has set up a data source integration with the Close CRM that seamlessly fetches data in real-time. This integration offers dynamic gamified incentivization and improved engagement for sales teams.

This integration also removes the need for Compass admins to manually upload End User data (both user data and achievement data) via an Excel/CSV to create Programs. It even removes the need to make data connections and performance variables since even these (if configured in Close CRM) are imported into Compass via the integration.

Impact of the Close integration

Straight to Program Creation

Users can go straight onto Program Creation for their sales teams and leave the data transfer work to the Compass integration.​

Real-time Programs

Admins now can run programs on real-time data as the performance metrics of end-users are available immediately to them.​

Auto-Pilot Through Compass Administration

Creating spreadsheets to record or extract sales teams’ data from a current CRM generally gives rise to data transfer issues such as manual entries, error management, mapping, and solving structural changes in the data. Instead of losing focus over all these complexities, the admin user can now get self-started with what’s most important - program creation, management, and tracking.​

Uniformity across enterprise systems

The CRM’s data structure, set up as per business use cases, will now get replicated onto Compass seamlessly. In other words, the admin can get their data onto Compass in the same form that it is present on their CRM. This feature incredibly reduces the efforts that generally are required to ensure data standardization and compliance.

One source of truth

Standard Use Cases in CRM Migration are built-in and are activated by default. Structure changes made on CRM will be reflected onto Compass in real-time, ensuring that there is only one source of truth for the data. For custom use cases, there are options available to make the customization straightforward.

Workings of Compass-Close integration

Below given is the brief process of connecting Close CRM with Compass.

Getting started

After the Admin user logs in and sets up their Compass account, they need to go to the ‘Data Sources and Variables’ menu. Click on ‘add a data source’ and select 'Users'. Close as a data source to take the user to the connection screen.

Clicking on the link below ‘Generate your API key’ takes the user to the Close API settings page (if already logged into Close). User can create a new API key here by clicking on the “New API Key" button on the top right. Return to Compass with the API key must be entered in the above connection screen to authenticate it.

Compass close API integration
Data Transfer between Close and Compass

​Compass has built-in mechanisms to ensure structural consistency is maintained in the data transfer. It is crucial to verify the imported data from Close onto Compass for consistency. There are multiple objects and Fields in Close, all of which can be imported and synced into Compass. For large amounts of data, the sync can take to up to an hour. Compass sends an email to the admin’s email upon successful data transfer.

New User Creation from Close

As per their set permissions, all admin users and sales agents are updated from Close onto Compass as Admin users and Partners, respectively. Compass automatically manages this process. User hierarchy and accessibility rights are maintained and kept the same on Compass, matching how they were on Close.

Different types of Data and Data Fetches

Compass can import below given types of Close Data into Compass:

Productivity-related Data consisting of Data such as number/type of calls made, number/type of emails sent and received, tasks, meetings, etc.

Pipeline-related Data covering the sales pipeline. For example; Interest expressed follow-up call, Demo schedule call, Demo Presentation, Payment made, Deal Closed, Retention Metrics, etc. ​

Below given types of Data fetches can be done by Compass:

One-time Data Fetch: When The admin executes the import from Close onto Compass, all data existing at Close is fetched at once.

Real-Time Data Sync: After the one-time fetch, all future data updates immediately reflect on Compass because of real-time data sync. This feature is enabled by default in the admin’s Compass account.

Third-Party Bulk imports: Imports done in Close before the Close-Compass integration will be fetched along with the rest of the data. However, we do not support auto-transfer of third-party imports which are added to Close after the integration.

Pipeline and Metrics

Close allows the admin to customize their sales pipeline with opportunities. Opportunities add value to the Lead by specifying the status of the lead in the sales pipeline. Default values for Opportunities are 'Demo Completed', 'Contract Sent', 'Proposal Sent', 'Won', and 'Lost'. The admin can add custom Opportunity Statuses in the Organization Settings. These Opportunities can be viewed as a list or as a pipeline in Close. Compass auto-imports all Opportunities for all the Leads from Close. Compass can import even Productivity Metrics such as Calls, Emails, SMS and tasks, and sales Pipeline Metrics.

Standard Views, Variables, and Programs

The metrics coming in from Close CRM to Compass during the integration process are all auto-transformed to Compass-compatible data types to ensure the structural integrity of Compass with Close. On successful integration, the admin will be taken to Data Sources and Variables and can see all Close Objects, Fields, and Metrics of the admin’s account auto-generated by Compass as per the imported data from Close.

Click on ‘Link Datasources’ on the Data sources, and the variable screen shows all the views that are imported from Close. ​Here the admin can see all Views imported from Close as per leads, contacts, opportunities, emails, calls, notes, tasks, etc.

Compass connected datasources

All data on leads on Close is imported to Compass.

Compass integrated datasources and variables

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