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Building quality relationships with your prospects requires consistency in communication. A slight disbalance in the same can result in a loss of business.

What can be done to keep prospects on the same page?

Present gifts for prospects, bringing back the spark missing in your client approach.

During your first interaction, greeting your prospect can be turned into a gift with your professionalism. This process is treated as the starting point of what seems to be a great business relationship.

Effective sales gifts can turn leads into prospects and then into clients later. These gifts create a positive impression and help you prioritize your prospects' value.

Compared to a cold call, providing gifts to prospects will eventually lead to developing massive brand awareness as your prospects might use word-of-mouth marketing, resulting in filtering quality leads in the future.

A thoughtful gift can create opportunities, make genuine connections, and engage fruitful conversations with prospects, making them more likely to purchase your services and products.

In this article, we’ll throw some light on prospecting methods and share a detailed guide on 30 gift ideas for prospects.

Prospecting methods

There are two ways to ensure quality contact with prospects. Let’s check it out!

1. Inbound prospecting

In Inbound prospecting, clients contact you to acquire your services or purchase products. In this process, your marketing strategies must align with your prospects’ expectations. Your brand's reputation plays a major role in attracting prospects to your business.

Moreover, preference goes to how well your brand is positioned in the market. Client testimonials and social media handles can help your prospects better understand your business, supporting inbound prospecting.

2. Outbound prospecting

In outbound prospecting, clients pitch to potential customers for a business opportunity. Your sales team needs to be proactive in searching for prospects. Consider accumulating prospect’s data from various sources. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram to connect with your prospects effectively.

10 Unique gift ideas for prospects

Here are 20 unique and thoughtful gift ideas for prospects to thank them.

  1. Food gifts.
  2. Brownies or tote bags.
  3. Fruit basket.
  4. Personalized Journal.
  5. Travel destination map.
  6. Varieties of Tea.
  7. Desk Plant Kits.
  8. Hamper baskets.
  9. Customized calendars.
  10. Custom USB drives.

1. Food gifts

There’s a reason why salespeople use food to nurture qualified prospects by keeping existing clients engaged. Providing food gifts like cookie gift baskets is a popular way to break the ice and reach out to potential clients.

Note: while small gifts of perishables like donuts, tacos, and corporate food gift baskets are widely accepted in most industries, avoid gifting alcohol, as many companies expressly prohibit employees from accepting alcohol as a gift.

If you choose to give alcohol to a prospect, it should only be after confirming they are allowed to accept such a gift and that they are a social drinker.

2. Brownies

Nothing is more tasty than cute-looking brownies or truffles, creating an ideal option for your company.

With many amazing bakers, you can easily create a custom order for delicious baked goodies.

3. Fruit basket

A fruit basket is one of the best gift ideas for prospects if you prefer something brighter and healthier than traditional food gifts.

Send your clients a selection of delectable fruits and vegetables so they can enjoy them with their coworkers. Send some recipes, serving suggestions, and extras like chocolate bars or fresh cream to spice things up.

4. Personalized Journal

Journaling will always stay in vogue because people continually need to record experiences, write reminders, register appointments, or create to-do lists. A personalized journal is a terrific gift idea for prospects as it is useful.

When writing in their journal, your client will be thinking of you. The gift will expire and serve as a reminder of your desire for your clients to maintain organization. Your clients will feel valued as they establish strategies and set goals.

When personal, the journal has additional meaning. For instance, the client's name or favorite color may appear on the cover, and industry- or personality-relevant prompts could be included on the pages.

5. Travel destination map

For travel or hospitality businesses, a destination map is a thoughtful client present. This work of art is reasonably priced and beneficial to the recipient. You can include a travel destination map as a present with every client who plans a trip or makes a reservation through your business to show them how much you appreciate them and wish them a wonderful vacation.

By altering the maps according to the national flag of your client's chosen location, you can make this gift even more impressive. Additionally, you can highlight new areas you believe they will like and add pins to places they have been.

6. Varieties of tea

Speaking about gifts for prospects, a box of tea ingredients is great. Tea with friends has long symbolized friendship, love, and connection. A gesture of love and care would be to give your client a box of different kinds of tea. This collection makes a thoughtful client present, especially for elderly clients.

Offering a beautiful package full of various teas, such as ginger, lemon, mint, and hibiscus, is a wonderful gesture. You may arrange the gifts within the gift box, including a handwritten note, and wrap the present in a pretty ribbon for better presentation. A tea cup and teaspoon can be included in the present box to demonstrate your care further.

7. Desk plant kits

Desk plant kits make thoughtful client gifts because they improve the look of your customer's desk and have sweet remarks on each plant. Additionally, houseplants are all the rage because of the development of remote work.

Giving your customer a desk plant kit has the benefit of serving as a constant reminder of your relationship. You can buy plants in large quantities from Amazon, upscale e-retailers, or neighborhood plant stores.

8. Hamper baskets

Hampers are wonderful. People enjoy receiving baskets full of goods, including food items, chewy sweets, beverages, chocolates, games, and cakes. Creating a hamper basket might be just as enjoyable as receiving one.

This gift is thoughtful, particularly for Christmas or any other holiday. Additionally, the client can store items in the empty basket. A hamper basket is a simple go-to present that will always make your client happy and satiated.

9. Customized Calendars

Create branded calendars featuring your company's logo and important dates. This practical gift will keep your brand visible throughout the year.

10. Custom USB Drives

If your prospect is in a meeting and needs important data, these smart custom USB drives will be very handy. Gift your prospects a quality USB drive and let their appreciation pou

10 Corporate gifts for prospects to build relationships

Corporate gifts are those that help your prospects’ in their daily activities. Here are some of the best gifts for prospects that you can give.

  1. Wireless speakers.
  2. Desktop charging station.
  3. Portable projector.
  4. Smartwatch.
  5. Wireless earbuds.
  6. Fitness trackers.
  7. Tech gadgets.
  8. Gift cards.
  9. Scented candles.
  10. Event tickets.

1. Wireless speakers

Give your clients a spectacular gift in the form of a wireless speaker because life would be dull if all work and no play were practiced.

This is ideal if you want to give them something they can enjoy at their home office while working remotely or as part of a luxury gift basket for essential clients. Look for an eye-catching style with bright colors, or keep things simple with a modern, sleek appearance.

2. Desktop charging station

Nothing is worse than having a dead battery right when you need it. Send your corporate clients a desktop charging station to simultaneously charge their phones, tablets, and accessories while they work to help them avoid this inconvenience.

If you are familiar with your client's workstation, you may even hunt for a design that complements their aesthetic and available space.

3. Portable projector

Packing up your work supplies for a trip might be a hassle. Consequently, a portable projector is an ideal present for a tech-savvy client who uses video conferencing frequently.

A portable projector could have a higher-than-average cost. As a result, you can work with a brand to purchase them in large quantities and at a discount. Several tiny projectors are also available for less than $70.

4. Smartwatch

In a work atmosphere, especially, time is of the essence. A smartwatch is a fantastic client gift idea as a result. This gadget is a practical present ideal for customers with demanding schedules.

Busy customers can utilize the watch to place calls, send messages, and get notifications. In addition to providing health checks, smartwatches can alert the wearer to signs of exhaustion and the need for rest or sleep. Since working can be highly demanding, having these reminders on your wrist will make all the difference. These watches are fantastic gifts.

5. Wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are becoming increasingly popular. Gifting your customers a pair can enhance their listening experience while showcasing your brand.

6. Fitness trackers

A fitness tracker can be a great gift for customers interested in health and fitness. It encourages an active lifestyle while promoting your brand.

7. Tech gadgets

Tech gadgets are quite impressive gift ideas for prospects. In the digital age, we all are intuned with our smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, stylish phone cases, and smart home devices. Helping your prospects with one of these tech gadgets gives them a head-start in exploring technology at its best.

8. Gift cards

Gifts cards are one of the best ways to wish your prospect. They come with a variety of options to redeem discount prices for their favorite apparels or food items. Not to mention, these gift ideas provide the freedom to choose what they like.

9. Scented Candles

A well-crafted scented candle can create a relaxing atmosphere and make a delightful gift for your customers.

10. Event tickets

For a memorable experience, treat your prospects by helping them with tickets for sporting events, concerts, or a workshop. By connecting with your prospects effectively, you'll get better opportunities for networking and personal growth.

10 Personalized gifts for prospects

Personalized gifts with a good note bring your prospects to you, creating a valuable yet professional relationship. Here are 10 personalized gifts for prospects.

  1. Flowers
  2. Books
  3. Travel mugs
  4. Gourmet treats
  5. Eco-friendly tote bag
  6. Personalized business accessories
  7. Customized water bottle
  8. Personalized apparels
  9. Painting
  10. Personalized notebook

1. Flowers

Flowers create a timeless way to thank or treat a new client with wishes. Have a check with your client if they have any allergies or preferences. Later, coordinate with a florist to assemble a gorgeous bouquet and send it to their home.

2. Books

One of the best new client gift ideas is a book. New customers will appreciate this present, especially if the book addresses subjects relevant to their industry. Books on history or self-help are also excellent choices.

They will never forget your thoughtfulness whenever they learn a new word, a useful tip, a life hack, or advice from the book you gave them. These gifts don't need to be helpful. You are welcome to choose a fantastic piece of fiction you believe your client will love.

Additionally, you can give literature related to the client's area or interests. Beautiful book covers also matter because they will make your clients pleased to display them on their office shelves.

3. Travel mugs

Insulated travel mugs are useful for customers who are always on the go. They can keep their drinks hot or cold while promoting your brand.

4. Gourmet treats

A box of delicious chocolates, gourmet cookies, or a basket of gourmet snacks can bring joy to your customers and satisfy their taste buds.

5. Eco-friendly tote bag

Reusable tote bags which are eco-friendly helps your prospects feel valued. Your customer can keep some of their valuables in a systematic manner.

6. Personalized business accessories

With the help of business accessories, you'll help your prospects create a good impression amongst their peers. These business accessories come with engraved pens, customized leather portfolios, branded laptop sleeves, and much more.

7. Customized water bottles

Help your customers stay hydrated by giving them personalized water bottles. It's a practical gift that will remind them of your brand.

8. Personalized apparels

Apparels complement the fashion quotient of your prospect. Customize these apparels and present the same with a sweet note, helping your prospect value this gesture.

9. Painting

Your prospects might be missing out on something in their respective homes. Gift them this stylish painting, making their decor feel more refreshed.

10. Personalized notebooks

A personalized notebook is a fantastic gift for prospects. They can add valuable ideas, organize their thoughts, or take notes during meetings.

To make it more surprising, write their initials on the cover; creating a good impression for your prospects.


From the above-mentioned gift ideas for prospects, you’ll help in building quality relationships with your prospect. Not to mention, customer retention will reflect this gesture's end result.

Hence, gifts must be carefully evaluated to your client's tastes. Journals, key chains, and gift baskets are great for client presents. However, having better clarity of your prospects’ likes and dislikes can help you in your quest to find the perfect gifts for prospects.

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