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Is your organization having attrition rate issues?

Let’s restructure your company with quality employee appreciation ideas.

In a pool of talented employees, you’ll find people who feel distraught by personal and professional sentiments surrounding them, leading to an unproductive environment.

Employee skills are compromised by negative feedback who feel that their opinions aren’t heard; causing employee turnover.

To put an end to this debate, the senior management needs to call for a meeting and discuss employee engagement programs; starting with employee appreciation gifts. These gifts will lighten employees' shadow of darkness due to performance or personal issues.

Let’s start with a gist about employee appreciation and then head over to the gifts section.

What is employee appreciation?

Employee appreciation is an employee engagement activity that an organization performs to recognize its employees' hard work and dedication. It is a means to revive employee’s interest in work and invite active participation in the organization’s goals and objectives.

There are various ways in which employees can be appreciated. Let’s look at them:

1. Monetary benefits

If an employee constantly delivers good performance, organizations need to reward them instantly in the form of incentives. The incentive ratio can be decided by the respective team leader or the HR.

2. Certificate for completing a year in the organization

By honoring the commitment of the employee, the company should present a certificate for having completed a year in the organization. A certificate or a medal will motivate the employee to perform quality-driven work for the next year. This process helps in retaining employees for a longer period of time.

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8 Employee appreciation gift Ideas to recognize them

  1. Mouse Pad
  2. Lap Desk
  3. Video conference mute button
  4. Coffee mug
  5. Mobile charging station
  6. Decorative lunch bag
  7. Exercise ball
  8. Heated blanket

1. Mouse pad

An office must-have is a mouse pad, and this modern, full-grain leather mouse pad will upgrade their workstation whether they are working from home, in a coffee shop, or at the office. Each mousepad can be personalized for the employee or coworker you are giving it to by paying a little extra to have it done.

2. Lap desk

Give your coworkers who work from home this lap desk so they can comfortably work from their couch (or bed, no judgment) while their laptop is propped up at an angle. The lap desk offers a a device holder, storage pocket, a wrist pad, and a lap cushion.

3. Video conference mute button

We could all use a bit more comfort that we are indeed silent during our video conferences. The hunt for the mute button is gone, thanks to Mütesync. Even if the video call is minimized, you can toggle between unmute and mute using the Mütesync mute button. You might even be tempted to buy a second one for yourself. It's the ideal present for your remote coworkers.

4. Coffee mug

The Zwilling Sorrento Plus 4-Piece Coffee Glass Set makes an elegant gift for your staff. These presents for coffee enthusiasts are tastefully made from mouth-blown, double-walled borosilicate glass that keeps hot beverages hot while remaining cool to the touch. A set of coffee mugs is a practical and long-lasting gift for staff members that they will use for many years.

5. Mobile charging station

A mobile charging station keeps desks clutter-free and can charge multiple devices simultaneously. This simple station makes it easy to organize all of your electronic devices in one place and creates a clear path for your charging cords so they won’t get tangled up. You needn’t be tech-savvy to purchase this convenient gift for employees.

6. Decorative lunch bag

Not just lunch packs for children! They also make wonderful employee gifts. Every day they can easily bring a homemade lunch to work, and a lunch bag can help them set their lunch apart from others in the communal refrigerator.

7. Exercise ball

An exercise ball is a great gift for staff members to feel more at ease throughout the workday as it promotes stretching and increases productivity. This unusual exercise ball can fit under most desks for storage, making it simple to transition from a chair to a workout and stretching position.

8. Heated blanket

Heated blankets are perfect gifts for employees who like staying warm in the coldest offices. Keeping a heated blanket nearby makes the workday more tolerable and cozier, whether it's cold outside or the office is set to freezing. Your employees will love wrapping up in this soft, warm blanket while they finish work.

8 Fancy employee appreciation gift ideas

  1. Succulents.
  2. Picture frame.
  3. Weekly planner.
  4. Stainless steel water bottle.
  5. Fun socks.
  6. Hand moisturizer.
  7. Stainless steel straws.
  8. Lip balm.

1. Succulents

Being stuck in the office can frustrate you, especially when the weather is nice! Invite the outdoors with these fresh, easy-to-care-for succulents that make affordable gifts for employees. These tiny plants require little care and water, making them a lively accent even for those without a “green thumb.”

2. Picture frame

A picture frame can easily liven up your employee’s desk and adds a personal touch to the mundane office décor. This gift for employees is very unique which can be used for various reasons, whether in the office or at home.

3. Weekly planner

Employees can jot down work assignments, notes, and social events with a weekly planner. This gift is a must-have for all employees. A weekly planner is an excellent gift for organized employees, keeping everything in one place.

4. Stainless steel water bottle

Instead of running to the water cooler multiple times daily, your recipient can stay hydrated with a refillable water bottle. They are easy to clean, making them a valuable gift for employees yearning to drink more water.

5. Fun socks

Lively socks are entertaining gifts for staff members that liven up their everyday business dress and serve as excellent discussion starters. These goofy socks are available in a wide range of distinctive patterns and designs, so there is something for everyone.

6. Hand moisturizer

Your staff members would enjoy giving their hands a nice massage with a soothing hand moisturizer after typing all day. Keeping hand moisturizer "on hand" for employee gifts is usually a good idea. Pun intended.

7. Stainless steel straws

A stainless-steel straw saves on plastic and is a helpful item to keep on hand inside and outside the workplace. Employees can use this with water bottles, coffee, or other drinks throughout the day.

8. Lip balm

A lip balm set makes a great employee gift for individuals who conduct numerous meetings or give numerous presentations throughout the day so that their lips can be refreshed and moisturized after all the speaking. Lip balm is small and handy and may be put away on a desk for easy access.

7 Best staff appreciation gift ideas

  1. Coffee maker
  2. Reusable tote bag
  3. Office chair
  4. Headphones
  5. Portable charger
  6. Alexa Smart Speaker
  7. Smartphone UV sanitizer

1. Coffee maker

With no common kitchen to grab a coffee with coworkers, you can still ensure your remote workers always have the good stuff at their fingertips. The Cuisinart 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker is a thoughtful gift for employees with a charcoal water filter and stainless steel carafe to guarantee a hot and delicious cup anytime.

2. Reusable tote bag

Remote employees often work in various locations, like a park or a local coffee shop. A reusable tote bag is a cool gift for employees, helping them carry their office essentials effectively.

3. Office chair

Good office furniture can increase employee productivity. Even if employees don't work on-site, a cozy chair is a considerate gift to ensure a good working environment. The money spent on this cozy chair will be well worth it if you want your employee to be content daily.

4. Headphones

A good pair of headphones can help drown out background noise and make a handy gift for employees who work at home taking conference calls. These high-quality headphones will enhance their hearing whether listening to music or in a virtual meeting.

5. Portable charger

It's essential to have a power source nearby when working on the go so your electronics can continue functioning. The ideal present for staff members who work outside the office is a portable charger. It's a fantastic tool for both everyday use and travel.

6. Alexa smart speaker

This smart home speaker is voice-activated and synced with Amazon's Alexa. You can check the news, and weather, play music, turn on or off the lights, and more by adding Alexa to any room. Employees that work from home would appreciate receiving this as a present so they won't have to leave their desks.

7. Smartphone UV sanitizer

Whether or not they are clean freaks, smartphones are notorious for acquiring germs. Utilizing UV light, this useful device sanitizes smartphones, helping quickly eliminate bacteria. This employee present is simple to keep on a desk or tucked away in a travel bag or purse.

7 New employee appreciation gift ideas

  1. Personalized pen.
  2. Laptop bag.
  3. USB flash drive.
  4. Inspirational Art.
  5. Relaxation and Self care kit.
  6. Desktop white board or sticky notes.
  7. Comfortable slippers.

1. Personalized pen

Personalized gifts for employees are always a fun option. A customized pen is a timeless gift for employees and perfect for welcoming new hires to the office for their first day. It’s simple to keep track of a pen that has their name written on it!

2. Laptop bag

A laptop bag makes carrying a laptop to and from the office more accessible, making it a super generous gift for employees. With convenient pockets, this laptop bag comes in different color options and has the organizational tools necessary to keep all your office supplies in one place.

3. USB flash drive

Extra storage is always a must, and USB flash drives make it easy to save essential documents as a backup. USBs make practical gifts for employees.

4. Inspirational wall art

Decorate the freelancers’ workspace with motivational wall art or prints that inspire creativity and positive thinking.

5. Relaxation and self-care kit

Encourage self-care and relaxation with a kit that includes scented candles, bath bombs, essential oils, and a cozy blanket for their well-deserved breaks.

6. Desktop whiteboard or sticky notes

Aid their brainstorming and idea organization with a desktop whiteboard or sticky notes for quick reminders and jotting down thoughts.

7. Comfortable slippers

Add a touch of coziness to their work-from-home routine with a pair of comfortable and warm slippers.

Do’s and Don’t while gifting employees

It might be challenging to choose gifts for employees, so it's wise to bear in mind a few straightforward dos and don'ts as you negotiate the complications.

The Do’s

Do maintain a budget. Whether you're purchasing employee appreciation gifts, you'll want to be sure that you keep under your spending cap. Going over budget might hurt your money and be unfair to other employees who might have gotten more for less.

Buy something your employee will like. When researching employee appreciation ideas, you'll want to be sure to take their preferences into account. A useless or generic gift could not have the same impact or make the receiver feel as special.

Do bear proper gift-giving manners in mind. You'll want to make it personal but don't want to make them uncomfortable. Ensure the presents you give colleagues are acceptable for the workplace and the connection between coworkers. You should also offer them their gift in the appropriate situation and time. Giving someone their gift during a busy workday could make others feel uneasy, preoccupied, or less valued.

The Don’ts

Don't forget to buy employee appreciation gifts for remote employees when shopping for gifts for coworkers. Even though they might not always be present physically, their work is equally as crucial as everyone else's. Since most corporate office lunches and activities aren't attended by remote workers, giving them a present with the rest of your crew will help them feel more welcome.

Don't put it off! It's never a good idea to leave your employee present buying until the last minute. Finding what you're looking for can take longer than expected, or finding something within your budget might be harder than anticipated. You can often tell immediately if someone rushed to buy a gift at the last minute.

Do not overthink it. Do not worry if you have trouble coming up with employee gifts or do not yet know the employee well enough. Deciding on a gift will be more difficult if you overthink it a lot. If you're stuck for ideas and can't think of anything original, go with something timeless.


From the above-mentioned employee appreciation gifts, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. Many products make excellent gifts for employees, regardless of the occasion. Always give from the heart; the most important thing is to take the time to make an employee feel special or valued.

Schedule a personal conversation with the recipient before giving your gift so you can explain its origin and how it earned it. Since not all businesses try to buy employee gifts, picking the ideal gift and using good judgment will go a long way and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Because employees are essential to a business's success, they occasionally merit a little additional compensation. To let them know that you value their time, effort, and hard work every day, you don't need to be an experienced gift giver. Giving presents to your team makes them feel appreciated and demonstrates your concern for them and your appreciation for their contributions to the business's success.

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