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Sales team building activities refer to those activities that aid salespersons to work together as a team and build cooperation skills. These activities are meant to be engaging while simultaneously effectively boosting team spirits, which helps them grow and, in turn, benefits the company.

What is sales team building?

Sales team building stimulates individuals to work efficiently as a group or a team by making them participate in certain activities or games. The main aim is to promote working together as a team. Big comapnies such as Amazon conduct sales team building activities such as a scavenger hunt to help the employees get to know each other better. SpaceX, one of the largest companies in the world,hosts activities for employees to get to know each other and build a community together.

How can you implement sales team building activities?

The company can choose numerous activities they think can help employees join and participate in them. Before choosing the game, the company must also make sure it is a game that will be well reciprocated and also have active participation from employees to be successful.

List of 50+ exciting sales team building activities

Here is a list of 50+ Exciting Sales Team Building Activities to boost morale.

1. Radio play

A radio play is a script with a story that will be performed as a radio show. Employees can be divided into small groups of three to nine members. Each group is given one hour to conceive a radio play based on a theme or follow a set of instructions. After one hour, the group must execute the radio play or radio drama for others.

2. Magazine story

This is a fun, creative activity where teams of three to six must form a magazine story about the company or a sales project the employees have been working on. They need to create tag lines or headlines, then use photographs and briefly write down quotes, sidebars, and other information to express the story's narrative.

3. Group juggle

It is a game where employees first need to form a human circle. Then, an item or an object will be thrown at one employee. The object should be lightweight and easily caught with two hands. Things can be taken to the next level by making the game even more challenging by adding more items.

4. Blind retriever

This game aims to direct the person who has a blindfold to the finishing point. Employees must be divided into small groups for this game to be played. One member of every group will wear a blindfold, and the other group members must guide the member with a blindfold to reach the finishing point by giving them precise instructions. The blindfolded person should make it through obstacles and reach the destination within the time limit.

5. Pair up

This is an excellent game for recruits to learn more about each other. In this game, employees must stand back to back with another employee and then walk around the office space. Each individual must face their partner's front and recognize who they are by reading the names on their backs.

6. Active listener

This game is an interesting way to think out of the box and build creative skills. Employees must randomly add phrases or sentences to topics that are completely not related. For example, "I ate a lot of garlic bread today for lunch so I can scare off nearby vampires." The other employees must guess if these assertions are part of the topic or speech.

7. Human knot

Human knot is an encouraging game to solve a problem together as a team. All employees must stand in a circle and face inwards to play this game. Every player must then reach out to the person standing opposite them with their right hand. It must also be noted that players should not join hands with persons standing next to them on their left or right. Similarly, players should do the same with their left hands, joining with a new player. The goal of this game is to untangle the human knot without releasing each other's hands so that the players completely stand in a perfect circle with their hands joined.

8. Perfect square

A perfect square is an ideal game for employees to play to encourage cooperation with their peers while communicating with each other while being blindfolded. You'll need a blindfold and a long rope with its end tied together to play this game. Each player will hold a piece of rope while wearing a blindfold and form a circle facing inwards.

After the formation of the circle, the players have to place their rope on the ground and take a few steps behind. This is when the game begins, the players must now attempt to move the rope around to form a perfect square on the ground. To do this, the players must designate a leader who will direct their peers using only their voice.

9. Two truths and one lie

A small group of individuals is the best way to play this game. Each individual in the group writes down two truths, and one lies about themselves on pieces of paper. This is then shared with the group, and the group has to figure out which one is the lie. This game is a fun exercise for employees to learn more about their co-workers and helps build relationships.

10. Egg drop

For this game, employees need to form groups and a shield or a cage for a raw egg that will survive when dropped from a specific height. Each group must deliver a presentation to the audience before the egg drop as to why their design of the shield or cage is the best one built and will not break the egg. Then, drop the egg and observe which ones don't break.

11. Office debates

Office debates bring out employees' creative thinking and public speaking skills, and it helps in building communication. This game can be played in the conference or board room with a projector. Two players will be selected simultaneously to go against each other in the debate.

The topics can range from something related to sales or anything amusing and entertaining. One player will argue for the topic while the other speaks against the topic. The audience will then decide on a winner through voting.

12. Office trivia

Office trivia is a game to test employees' knowledge of the company. This game can be played in different ways based on difficulty levels. The challenging way to play this game is where every employee takes turns questioning each other or teams to get them right or wrong on their answer. The team or employee with correct answers wins the game.

13. Group timeline

Group Timeline is a sales team-building exercise that tests cooperation skills and the ability to work effectively with each other. Employees will be divided into groups and given objects or stationery that don't belong or don't go with one another. Examples could be paperweights and folders or pencils and plastic cutlery.

The game's goal is for employees to sort the items by any particular characteristic, such as age, height, and the timeline of a specific object.

14. Building blocks

A card game for sales team building is an easy and chill way to get to know each other well. This game comprises 101 cards split into different categories such as personal information, education, workplace things, future goals, hobbies, etc. It involves random scenarios that range from going on a tour to assisting during a home decor project.

15. Circle of appreciation

Circle of Appreciation is an affirmation game to help employees affirm one another, get them to talk to each other, and boost confidence. The employees should stand in a circle and affirm or share one thing they appreciate about the person standing across them or next to them.

16. On-table conference

This is an activity that encourages engagement amongst employees and also holds discussions on various topics that could be work-related. It helps in coming up with better ideas, new thoughts, etc.

17. Team lunch

Everybody loves food, and everybody loves free food. Team lunch is the most simple sales team-building activity that is easy to host, cost-effective, and builds strong peer relationships. The essential criterion for this activity is choosing a great place for lunch.

18. Spectrum mapping

This game is about allowing and listening to employees' opinions. To play this game, recognize those topics the organization wants to hear thoughts and insights from their employees. The employees can be divided into groups, and each group will be asked to write down their opinions, thoughts, and insights on each topic chosen.

Then the groups must organise their ideas on a board. This can be done by placing similar ideas on one side and out-of-the-box ideas on another side. After all the teams have completed the task, it can be seen that the popular ideas are similar.

19. Learning and development

Learning and development activities are those activities that help in enhancing employees' potential and help them grow both as an individual and also as assets to the team. It could be in various forms like training, workshops, mentoring, coaching, etc.

20. Short team outing

This one-day activity can be a short break from the daily routine. The teams could be invited to participate in any action, adventure, or fun-filled activity. It will bring out the fun among peers and help them relax and work better.

21. Formal dinner meet

Organisations can host company dinners to bring all the employees together and share and cherish a meal. The organization can choose a proper place for dinner, and employees can attend dinner and talk over dinner and discuss thoughts and hobbies. It can be perfect out of the work get-together.

22. Stop walk

This is a good game for making your team enthusiastic at the beginning of a sales team-building event. It is an extension of the game, Simon Says. This game showcases quick thinking and strong listening skills. To play this game, participants must be scattered throughout the room, and one leader will shout out commands.

The basic version of this game is that the leader will shout out the words "Walk" and "Stop," and participants must walk around the room aimlessly and stop when the leader commands them to stop. The leader can then change this rule after a few minutes by changing the action with the command. "Stop" can mean to walk, and "Walk" means stop walking.

The aim is to see whether participants get it right or wrong. The game can be even more challenging by adding more steps like clapping or jumping.

23. Field day

Field Day is a cost-effective way to keep employees engaged and build work-related skills. To host a successful field day event, employees need to be divided into 2 to 3 teams with 6 -7 players. The teams should be formed to ensure balanced competition amongst participants. The events chosen for the field day must be based on the objective of the event and the skills to be developed.

Competitive sports are the best way to keep things exciting in a field day event. Some examples are soccer billiards, tug of war, sac race, lemon, spoon, etc. Announcing that there will be a prize for the winner will lift team spirits.

24. Corporate castaways

This game helps in building problem-solving skills, teamwork, and communication. This game can be played in an outdoor area where numerous puzzles and physical obstacles can be set up. Employees will be divided into groups and will be assigned challenges.

The teams must solve the challenges and score points to win. After all the teams complete the tasks, scores will be tallied, and the team having the highest score will receive the prize.

25. Trekking

Going on a trek is a good team-building activity that encourages building long-lasting relationships and perseverance. A third party and employees can host the trek can experience and develop critical skills.

26. Hunting

Going out to the wild or any vegetation for hunting is a different team-building activity, and it involves precision and quick thinking skills. Employees can be taken for hunting for animals such as peasants, geese, rabbits, etc.

27. Adventure trips

Adventure trips are a great way to relax and rejuvenate and get ready. Employees can be taken to resorts to participate in various activities such as archery, rope climbing, etc. It could be activities to be played solo or as a team, and it could also be other outdoor activities such as kayaking or hiking.

28. One question

This is a game of creativity where the employee is given a household chore or a fake job project that they have to complete. They can recruit someone else to complete the task. But before they recruit they need to ask the candidate one question to determine if they have the right skills to complete the task. The team or employee with the most innovative question wins.

29. Mystery solve

This is a fun game that tests observational and problem-solving skills. Teams will be given mysteries that must be solved within the specified time limit. One example is a murder mystery where teams must solve the mystery and find the culprit.

30. Puzzle building

Puzzle building is a classic game that lets employees work together to solve puzzles of different sizes and difficulty levels. It could be jigsaw puzzles, outdoor mazes, escape rooms, etc.

31. Coffee outing

This is a relaxing activity with a quick walk or a quick drive to the coffee shop and getting coffee with peers. It is an excellent way to take a break and enjoy a coffee.

32. Fake client play

Fake client play is a fun game where employees can be tested on their communication skills and mannerisms. This game involves two individuals acting as a client and a salesperson. A fake scenario should be created, and employees can be as innovative as possible. The employees must then proceed to interact and be engaging. This is also a method to observe how salespersons interact with clients.

33. Scavenger hunt

This common and exciting game can be played with two or more teams. Every team will be given a list of tasks they should complete or objects they need to locate. Before the game, it must be settled if the employees can find everything within the office premises or if they must go out.

For example, one task on the list could be to "find ten different office stationery." The winner would be the team that accomplishes all of the tasks in the list provided to them.

34. Blind drawing

Blind drawing is a pictorial game that can be played in pairs. One employee will be given an arbitrary image, and another a pen and paper. The person with the image must describe what the picture is without giving away definitive attributes of the picture.

One example could be if the picture is a raincoat, they could say, "this is an image of something you would use when it rains." The person with the pen and paper then has to sketch it out.

35. Story telling

Storytelling is a way to enhance public speaking skills and also tests how an employee can keep their client engaged in a conversation. Employees can take up any topic and narrate a story surrounding it. It could be from personal experience or a fictional one, and sometimes they can go creative with it and narrate horror stories.

36. Book reading

This is a calm activity that involves only one object, which is a book. Employees can bring in their favourite books and read a short excerpt from them to the audience or hold discussions regarding the books. It could be plotlines or character sketches.

37. Tournament

Team events can be a recurring thing by hosting tournaments. Before hosting, the games to be played must be decided as well as the prizes. For this understanding, the employees help. They are getting to know the games they like and would participate in.

It could be an outdoor sport like basketball, an indoor sport like chess, or even an online tournament. The tournament can be something other than a sport. It could be a challenge too.

38. Photo finish

To play this game, draw a line on the ground and divide the employees into teams. Each team has to step over the line simultaneously. The members of the team have to coordinate with one another to make sure that they are stepping at the same time. The aim is to check how synchronised the members are.

39. Sharing past experiences

This activity strengthens relationships as it involves talking about one's personal experiences. It could be a personal or a work-related experience, and it is perfect for recruits to get to know one another.

40. Shark tank

This game aims to bring out employees' creativity and critical thinking skills. Each team must consist of at least two individuals who will conceive a specific product, including its trademark title, the consumer market, and marketing tactics. The product can either be amusing or profound. Afterwards, each team proceeded to present its product to the other groups as if they were possible investors.

41. Find the customer

This game tests the employees' knowledge of their customers. It could be in the form of a pop quiz or a presentation.

42. Community service

Organizing a community service brings the team together to bring in possible ideas. The planning process involved is an opportunity for employees to be innovative and communicate effectively with one another. It also makes employees feel suitable for what they have done by the end of the day.

43. Water balloon

It is a fun-filled activity with lots of laughter. It involves throwing balloons filled with water at each other in an outdoor space. Players can be divided into teams with a time limit. Players must try to dodge the balls and try not to get drenched. The team with the most number of dry people wins.

44. Pass the ball

In this activity, employees pass an imaginary ball around the group. One person starts with the "ball." They estimate the shape and size of it by holding it in their hands. Afterwards, they call the name of someone else on the call. That person shouts, "ready!" The first person throws the ball at them.

45. Burst the balloon

Each player will be given a fork, and when the leader yells "Go!" everyone must see how many balloons they can burst with a fork. Players are instructed to collect the tied ends of the balloons they pop. When all of the balloons have burst, count the tied ends. The winner is the person with the most wins in this fun game.

46. Fill the glass

It is a physics game where one person fills most of a cup but tries to fill it appropriately. Each person will get a turn to pour water into a glass tumbler, and the person who overspills will be the loser.

47. Quiz mania

Quiz mania can be played both individually or as a team. The topics must be chosen before the game; they could be anything, and it could be an entertaining topic or something work-related. Teams could be quizzed on various rounds with a buzzer and point system. The team with the most points will be declared the winner.

48. Find the truth

Players will be given a piece of paper and must say that they will write a proper sentence about themself using a phrase. The other players must write a sentence using the same phrase as player one, so it seems like player one reported it. The sentences are read out loud, and the audience must find the sentence originally written by player one.

49. Know yourself

This game can be played to get to know each other with a set of questions that can be asked. Players can come up with 20 questions and ask the other within a specified time limit.

50. Know your team

This game is similar to the know-yourself game, except it involves getting to know your team. Each team member can be asked 20 questions, and answers can be shared and discussed.


The main aim of all the activities, games, and exercises is to instill a spirit of teamwork among employees to help them work together efficiently and effectively. Team building exercises help employees know each other better and also build strong work relationships.

When relationships between co-workers are strengthened, they begin to trust each other and also enhance communication with one another. This has a positive effect on their overall productivity. And with Xoxoday you can indulge the employees in fun-filled activities, gift hampers and exercises that boost morale and also allows them to showcase their soft skills.

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