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In a year where many of us have had no choice but to work remotely, it has become increasingly important to think about means and techniques to optimize corporate communication. And when it comes to sales teams, this need is even more pressing, as they are subject to frequent changes in goals and tasks.

Ensuring good communication and productivity in a sales department requires good leadership, but a great boss's mark lies in motivating and engaging his colleagues. To do that at a distance is a challenge that sales team motivational videos are perfect for overcoming.

Motivational videos for sales professionals present a more compelling alternative to email communication and live meetings. A solid video content strategy can keep your sales team aligned on goals and motivated to do their best.

If you do it right, at least! To help you with this, we will go through the advantages of motivational sales videos to encourage good communication and teamwork and tips for producing awesome and inspiring pieces. Nothing matches up a pep talk from an enthralling motivational speaker. Here’s how sales motivational videos assist in getting your force up to the task and how to utilize them.

Why Are Motivational Videos for Sales Team Critical?

A sales department is a constant motion: everyone works together against the clock to achieve their weekly goals. Pressure and collaborative work are natural for this environment. But if left unchecked, it quickly devolves into a source of stress for team members.

It’s often thought that building a results-oriented team requires only willpower on their part. There is a grain of truth in this but understood this way is quite insufficient: more than getting your team to work, you want to motivate them to love what they’re doing and enjoy the process.

There are two critical aspects in which sales team motivation, properly understood, can bring you unparalleled results than working by mere willpower:

  • Motivation helps sales teams develop a value-orientation. Closing a sale can easily become a mechanical task devoid of passion. But if your team can see the real value at stake in their work, they will be personally invested in meeting their goals.
  • Motivation encourages sales teams to feel part of unified business culture. Inciting the right triggers helps them in their performance and allows them to work towards common goals worth pursuing as a team.

Under that lens, motivation becomes more than a nice bonus: it is part of any successful sales team's core formula. Now, how can inspiring videos help you foster motivation in your work environment?

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How Can Videos Help Organizations Motivate Sales Teams?

Due to their interactive and dynamic format, videos have certain key features that, together, deliver results like no other type of content can. Using them for your communications with your sales force, you can motivate your team more effectively and compellingly.

  • Videos break away from a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Compared to other communication formats such as email and traditional induction courses, a video doesn’t rely on a single formula. On the contrary, videos are flexible, as you can use all your creativity to deliver information through visual, narrative, and sound resources.
  • Video is easier and faster to consume. A typical piece doesn't demand insane amounts of time and effort from your team members to get the message. Like you, they are already used to getting all kinds of information from a video, so you can expect them to find the format very familiar and approachable.
  • Video fosters learning autonomy. A video is often a springboard from which we seek to learn more about a given topic. A well-produced video (especially when it’s an entertaining one!) will motivate your sales team to address potential problems independently.

Most Effective Types of Motivational Videos for Sales Training

What’s the message you want to convey, and what’s the best format to do it? The perfect video will depend on your purposes. Here we present four types of sales motivational videos for successful people that companies rely on to communicate and motivate their sales force.

1. Company Story Videos

Within an organizational structure, the focus on work often makes us concentrate on nothing but the task at hand. But it is always valuable to take a step back and listen to the personal stories and experiences of the person who is in the office next to yours.

This is just what a company story video accomplishes. This type of piece conveys your company's mission and values through the first-hand account of the people who work behind the scenes. By offering these stories to your employees, you can foster a greater sense of personal identification, which is crucial to building a strong business culture.

2. Announcement Videos

There are two methods of communicating news, updates, and important events. The first involves a message via email or WhatsApp that, while sometimes effective, is lacking in creating emotion or expectation.

The second method is to produce outstanding announcement videos to communicate your news. Whether it is a simple to-do list or an upcoming conference, informing your employees of this via compelling videos is more motivating and interesting to listen to.

3. Animated Explainer Videos

You have many topics to inform your sales team about related to their job skills and protocols, soft skill development, and work ethics. For these training types, producing an animated explainer video is an excellent means of encouraging team motivation.

Using colorful stories and animations, you can bring any topic down to earth and make it very approachable. Plus, the introduction of loving characters allows viewers to put themselves in the shoes of people who think and act like them.

4. Video Tutorials

Can video facilitate and accelerate the learning of technical skills in your sales team? You bet it can! Having a step-by-step tutorial available will allow your employees to understand better how to perform their daily tasks.

These sales videos are a perfect complement to your induction courses and sales training platforms. Instead of offering written guides and crazy long sessions, make a video online divided into simple and actionable units which would be more friendly to consume for newcomers and senior employees.

Pro Tips for Producing Most Motivational Videos Ever For Sales Team

Now that we've looked at the different types of video, there remains the crucial question of how to make your piece work. To that end, we'll tell you a bit about four important elements to keep in mind when producing and distributing your videos.

1. Build a Rapport

Part of the appeal of video for corporate communications is that it is straightforward: you use it to deliver just the right information at a time. But even the most basic and routine message can be conveyed with emotion. And it’s important to do so since you want your viewers to be engaged with what you have to say.

The first few seconds of your video are critical: either you establish a connection with your viewers, or you'll lose them quickly. Above all, you want to come across not as a bossy, cold messenger but as a reliable and friendly communicator aligned with your sales team.

When developing your video, think about what you can do or say to present your core message. For example, a new piece of software can be introduced with an open question: "What if I told you that you could save even more time in such a process?”

Or a standard security protocol is more interesting (and way clearer) if transmitted through compelling characters and visuals. The airline industry can serve as a model here. Who do you pay the most attention to? The captain reciting the safety manual, or the video on the screen in front of you?

2. Keep It Short… Or Break It into Sections

The purpose of all communication and training with your sales team is to improve their productivity. No matter how important your message is, you don't want to take away valuable time from them to meet their weekly goals.

That's why your video announcements and updates should take no more than five minutes and ideally be under the two-minute mark. In most cases, it’s possible to do this, but in the case of educational videos for courses, this is a more challenging task.

When you find yourself needing to go beyond ten minutes, consider splitting your video into shorter clips. Either break the piece up into brief units or lessons or use timestamps to indicate their sections.

3. Make It Easily Accessible

We've mentioned that one key advantage of video is that no matter what kind of message you want to communicate, your piece is lasting content. Therefore, you must make sure that your team members can find the relevant videos when and where they need them the most.

Your videos are important sources of support that your employees should easily turn to, so we recommend uploading them in at least three places:

  • Training platforms, where they’re used as complements to your courses.
  • As for playlists on YouTube or any other video-hosting site.
  • Embedded in your emails' body as an alternative form of communication.

Having your videos in those places and making them very searchable (say, on your training site's search bar) makes sure that your information will always be available and open to everybody.

4. Offer Instant Support

Even if, as we said, video allows for greater learning autonomy on your team's part, it's important to make sure they understand the message. To do this, you can pair your video with some of the following tools:

  • Complementary material, links, and resources that your team members can turn to for further information.
  • FAQs sections or videos that anticipate common questions about a given subject.
  • Short course quizzes to test their knowledge and skill.

In the case of updated videos sent via email, it's important to make yourself available to solve any concerns. In your message's body, be sure to indicate the best communication channels where your team members can go to receive live support.


In a sales department, miscommunication and lack of motivation can negatively affect team members' individual performance and the entire group's development. But as we’ve seen, a video strategy can help you mitigate the difficulties that may arise in this work environment.

Video is versatile in its format and can guide your team toward a common vision and values. It's crucial to design your content richly and make it as accessible and compelling as possible! For this task, you may want to check out professional video companies for the whole process's details. This, plus your own willingness (or shall I say motivation?) to see your team grow and succeed, will bring meaningful results for your company.

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