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A sales leader is at the helm of the sales team and guides its performance. Top sales leaders develop certain qualities to bring success to the organization and also guide the team members in the process.

Read further to know more about important sales leadership qualities that a salesperson should acquire.

What is sales leadership?

The process by which sales leaders guide the sales team and take strategic sales decisions is called sales leadership.

The process involves understanding each salesperson and devising developmental strategies accordingly.

A sales leader understands the performance of the team through constant evaluation and offers solutions to improve them.

A successful sales leader has many qualities that you should imbibe. Going forward, you will learn more about these qualities.

10 sales leadership skills you must acquire

Here are the 10 most inspiring qualities of top sales leaders that you must adopt.

1. Being data-driven and analytical

Top sales leaders utilize the data available to interpret and arrive at conclusions. This helps in the implementation of the best sales strategies.

It also helps sales leaders make informed decisions and guide their teams. Several tools assist in gathering analytical data. Sales leaders use these data to bring forth improvements in the processes.

Carole Mahoney is one of the top 15 modern sales leaders. She uses a scientific approach and supports her insights with data-driven analytics.

2. Excellent product knowledge

An effective sales leader has excellent product knowledge. The more the leaders are aware of the product, the more they are able to guide the team and assist the prospects in their purchase.

Good product knowledge helps them in addressing the problems of the customers by identifying the lapses, if any. This helps in reporting the same to the higher executives to bring about changes before the customer encounters a problem.

Jen Spencer, an excellent sales influencer, offers business developmental strategies with her excellent product knowledge.

3. Goal-oriented

A high-performing sales leader is goal-oriented and also directs the sales team toward the goal. The sales leaders also set individual goals for the team that align with the organization’s goals. Each of the goals is measurable and helps in the attainment of the common goals.

Being goal-oriented gives purpose to the activities of the sales team. They are able to work better towards the achievement of KPIs.

Trish Bertuzzi is an experienced sales leader who helps with the building and expansion of sales teams.

4. Have good listening skills

A sales leader has good listening skills. Listening helps solve the majority of the problems within the sales team. The sales team also gets an impression that they are valued and this motivates them towards better performance.

Listening skills also help in managing the customer’s problems. They listen to the customer to know their pain points and can thereby tailor strategies to tackle them.

Being a good listener is an important quality that the sales leader wants to emphasize in the sales team as well.

Anita Neilsen, with her two decades of sales leadership experience, guides sales teams to influence buyers’ decisions.

5. Excel at relationship management

Managing customers and team members is an important part of a sales leader’s responsibilities. Relationship management within the team helps maintain harmony and assists in getting the right contribution from members.

In the same way, managing relationships with customers improves their loyalty and makes them long-standing customers.

David Ogilvy, the father of advertising, is known to have excellent customer relationship skills. He emphasized that salespeople should research their prospects as much as they could before meeting them.

6. Coaching and mentoring

Good leaders have the ability to mentor and raise excellent team members. They provide valuable insights to junior team members through their experience. Leaders motivate younger team members by coaching them on necessary skill sets.

Ian Moyse, an experienced sales leader, is known for his mentoring skills. He is a social influencer for notable brands like Oracle, SAP, and SAGE.

7. Possess business acumen

Perceiving things quickly and being able to make decisions is an indispensable business skill. Top sales leaders possess this skill and bring about performance improvements.

Napoleon Barragan is a popular and successful sales leader, who, with his business acumen and initiative to take risks, established success.

8. Ability to motivate

Good sales leaders always have the sales team’s back. By guiding and supporting them in times of low, they motivate them towards achieving their goals.

Jeffrey Gitomer is an internationally recognized sales coach who helps sales teams stay motivated to work toward the goal.

9. Have emotional intelligence

Along with the other important traits, leaders also possess soft skills like emotional intelligence, where they are able to understand the feelings of the sales team. This enables an easy understanding of the challenges faced by the sales reps.

Dev Calvert is another successful sales leader who puts people first in her sales training and development programs.

10. Stay up to date with sales software

A good sales leader is abreast of the latest tools that can assist in improving sales functions. Using tools saves time and costs, and enhances productivity.

Nancy Nardin, who has been named one of the top 30 social sales influencers in the world, has great expertise in sales and marketing productivity tools.


Sales leadership qualities are highly essential in the current challenging business atmosphere. A sales leader with these qualities assists in the growth of an organization.

The members of the sales team should also try to cultivate these skills to contribute toward their self and the organization’s growth.

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