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What do you get for the Channel Partner who has everything or at least thinks they have everything? As a valued partner, you want your channel to be successful. Why not ensure that success by investing in valuable Christmas gifts for channel partners this holiday season?

Getting your channel partner a present can help express your appreciation for their contributions to your company. In this article, we offer 20 ideas for gifts to give your channel partner for holidays and special events.

20 Unique Christmas gifts for channel partners

Here is a list of 20 excellent gift ideas for your channel partners.

1. Clock

A clock is a great practical gift to give to your channel partner. Depending on your channel partner's workspace, you can purchase a desk clock or one that mounts to the wall. If you and your partner frequently work with clients or employees in various time zones, look for clocks that simultaneously display the time in multiple cities or nations.

2. Snow globe

A snow globe can help personalize your channel partner's workspace. Select a snow globe that has meaning for both of you, such as a globe from a city you've traveled to together for business. You can also create a customized snow globe with your channel partner's favorite song or an image of their family inside the world.

3. Picture frame

A picture frame gives your channel partner a stylish way to display photographs of their family or friends within their workspace. Look for either a wall-mount picture frame or one that sits on a desk. If you have a more personal relationship with your partner, you could choose a picture to put inside the frame before you give it to them.

4. Desk organizer

Desk organizers can help your channel partner keep their desks tidy and keep track of the exact location of each of their belongings. Some desk organizers focus on sorting files and loose papers. Others may help organize assorted office belongings, such as pens, tape, and sticky notes.

5. Portable speakers

Portable speakers can be both a practical and fun gift. Many portable speakers connect to various technological devices, such as phones, music players, and computers. Your channel partner could use the speakers to hear phone meetings more easily or listen to their music. Some portable speakers are waterproof, so your channel partner could take them to a pool.

6. Candle

Candles can make a home or workspace more beautiful. Many candles also have pleasant fragrances. You could also get your channel partner a candle holder personalized with their name.

7. Business card holder

Business card holders may help your channel partner know where their business cards are. Many business card holders are portable, so your channel partner could quickly bring them to meetings, networking events, and other occasions. You can also get a business card holder for their desk.

8. Wireless earbuds

If your channel partner takes a lot of phone calls, they may appreciate wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds can allow your channel partner to take their phone calls without physically holding the phone or distracting others in the office by putting the other caller on speakerphone. Many wireless earbuds feature comfortable designs that enable users to wear them for several hours or more at once.

10. Sticky notes

Purchase sticky notes customized with your company's logo or mission statement. Branded office merchandise, such as sticky notes, can help your channel partner feel more company spirit and promote your business in more casual environments—also, sticky notes personalized with your channel partner's name.

11. Portable keyboard

A portable keyboard might be a splendid gift if your channel partner spends a lot of time typing on a phone or tablet. Portable keyboards make sending business communications and other tasks much easier on smaller technological devices. Some portable keyboards also come with detachable mice or ergonomic features, such as a place to rest your wrists.

12. Calendar

Calendars can also be a great gift to personalize for your company. Consider using different photos of company events or gatherings for each month's design. You could add events to the calendar related to your business, such as staff meetings or work anniversaries for various employees.

13. Personal air purifier

A personal air purifier for your partner's desk might be a wise choice if they have allergies to airborne particles, such as pollen or dust mites. Personal air purifiers also allow you to put in a scent cartridge to make your office smell nicer. If your partner travels a lot, consider getting them a portable air purifier they can wear on a plane.

14. Office chair

Treat your channel partner to a luxury office chair, such as one made from leather. If your channel partner currently has a standard desk chair, a luxury office chair may help them work from a more comfortable position. Look for an ergonomic chair that can adequately support spines.

15. Lap desk

If your partner works from home or likes to work from office sofas, consider getting them a lap desk. Lap desks make it easier to balance a laptop computer on your legs when you're on an armchair, sofa, or bed. A lap desk can increase productivity while sitting in a comfy location and may help decrease the risk of your channel partner's laptop overheating. Some lap desks can also be converted into laptop stands that adjust the height of a computer on an office desk.

16. Essential oil diffuser

If your channel partner wants to relax, you should get them an essential oil diffuser. An essential oil diffuser helps spread the scent of the essential oil throughout a room. Essential oils may offer some health benefits, too, such as decreasing stress.

17. Membership for classes

Buying your channel partner a membership pass to a set of classes makes a great and unique gift. Many businesses offer package deals for multiple courses at a gym, art studio, or another facility. Try to choose an activity your channel partner has expressed an interest in but has yet to do.

18. Heated mouse pad

If your channel partner works in a colder environment or gets stiff fingers when sitting for long periods, consider getting them a heated mouse pad. Heated mouse pads typically have a USB cord, so they're portable and compatible with many electronic devices. You could also personalize the heated mouse pad with your company's name or logo.

19. Catered lunch

Treat your channel partner to a catered lunch. Pick a cuisine that you know your channel partner enjoys eating. If you plan to treat the entire office to a catered lunch, ask people about their food allergies first.

20. Gift Cards

Give your channel partners gift cards to buy gifts of their choice.


The holiday season is an essential time for businesses to show their appreciation for channel partners. Sending presents demonstrates a caring mindset towards how business partners feel so often overshadowed in the daily grind of vendor-distributor relations.

The idea that channel partners can enjoy the holidays should make any CIO thankful for having them as partners and should motivate companies to continue strengthening the partnership through effective communication and integrity on all levels.

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